Providing veterinary care for the service animals of veterans both active and inactive.

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PO Box 1830 Orange Grove, TX 78372

We support veterans with the following services:

Provide veterinary medical care for retired Military Working Dogs (MWD)

Provide veterinary medical care for service animals of veterans who are medically retired due to service related injuries to include PTSD

Provide service dogs for veterans where it is determined that a service animal might benefit the treatment for that veteran

Cover extraordinary veterinary medical expenses for pets of active duty personnel, not every day or ordinary procedures like vaccination, worming, etc.

*as determined by our board

Contact us now if you are or know a veteran that needs immediate assistance.

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As this year comes to an end, we reflect on the veterans who have made our country safe and secure for us. There are not enough ways to express our gratitude for what they have done for our country. Ours is a country filled with promise for tomorrow — because ours is a history shaped by heroes like them. The support we provide here at Hank and Eli’s Fund for our veterans is our humble effort to give back to them with the support of your generous donations. We will be there for them because they were there for us.

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